I must admit that I was as mischievous as any other child in my early years and tried to hide my bad behavior to avoid getting into trouble. Yet my father usually found out what I had done. I recall being amazed at hos quickly and accurately he knew about my antics. When I marveled and asked how he knew, he always replied, "I have eyes in the back of my head." This, or course, led me to study his head whenever he would turn his back-were the eyes invisible or merely hidden by his black hair?

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As I grew, I gave up looking for evidence of his extra pair of eyes and realized I just was not quite as sneaky as I had supposed. His watchful gaze was evidence of his loving concern for his children.

As grateful as I am for my father's attentive care, I am even more grateful that God "sees all mankind" as He looks upon us from heaven (Psalm 33:13). He sees so much more than what we do; He sees our sadness, our delights, and our love for one another.

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Charley Gallay

God sees our true character and always knows exactly what we need. With perfect vision, which even sees the inner workings of our hearts. He watches over those who love Him and put their hope in Him. He is our attentive, loving Father.

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