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If you had to count how many times you used Google searches in a day, how many times would it be? Honestly, I would lose count. I turn to Google for everything; here are my last five Google searches:

Butternut Squash Recipes

The halfway point between Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Lighthouse Point, Florida

The halfway point between Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Greensboro, North Carolina

What do Auburn Fans Chant?

Bathing Suits Near Me

I may have told too much of my business, but nothing too embarrassing or exciting. Some states do have some downright embarrassing Google searches. Zippia took information from Google searches for each state from August 2019 to August 2020.

The South does have some pseudo embarrassing Google searches, but we not like Indiana, “How is baby made?” I mean, if you don’t know by now, I feel sorry for you.  By the way, Indiana, the grammar police are officially after you.

Alabama is showing its fashion interest with its Google search about “shoulder pads.”  Isn’t shoulder pads so 80s?

Our neighboring state is showing its inquisitive side. “Yes, Mississippi, the Earth IS round”

While Georgia is interested in world affairs with its Google search, “Where is Africa?”  Seriously, didn’t we learn about geography in third or fourth grade?

Other humorous Google searches

“Folks in Ohio are most likely to Google, “Does my cat love me?”

New York is googling about “Velour tracksuits.”

I like Missouri’s line of questioning, “How to fake sick?”

The winner is West Virginia, “why is my poop green?”

(Source) You can check out more embarrassing Google searches for the United States by Zippia, click here.

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