Down South is known for its vast number of churches and religious people. Recently the Pew Research did a study of this subject. This study discovered that Alabama tied with Mississippi for the most religious state in the U.S., with some 77% of adults in the South considering themselves "highly religious."

Here in Alabama, some 51% of the people indicated that they attend church weekly and 73% indicated that they pray on a daily basis, with both percentages coming in as the second highest in the United States.

Eighty-two percent of Alabamians indicated that they believe in God "without any question." Surprisingly that is the identical percentage of people polled in Mississippi who answered the question in that way, though only 49% of the people in Mississippi indicated they attended church at least once a week.

The state that is the least religious is New Hampshire, where only some 33% of adults consider themselves "highly religious" and 22% attend church at least one time a week. Some 43% of the people in New Hampshire indicated they believe in God "without question."

Where do you fit in these amazing statistics?


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