Its Valentine’s Day ladies! What did you get for your special man this year? If the answer is nothing, candy, flowers, or the usual card with tickets to and event shame on you.

Just like you ladies we like surprises as much as you do.  Now I’m about to tell you what your man doesn’t have the nerve to tell you.

Don’t waste your money on flowers, cards, or candy or a romantic dinner unless they come with the toys that we like to play with. Here are some ideas for you ladies.

If your man is a golfer, new golf apparel including the shoes will make him very happy. If you know what type golf balls he likes you can add them to the package too. Do not buy him a golf club unless you know the brand and which club he wants.

If he likes to fish a new rod and reel will make him realize you are the best catch he’ll ever make.

If he loves technology you have so many things to choose from, just make sure it’s something you know he will enjoy.

Last, if he loves music your job will be easy if have been paying attention.

Think outside the box this year ladies.

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