Many years ago when I lived in another city, I would awake each morning to the cheerful sounds of a bird outside my window. The very first time that I heard this bird, I was excited by the sounds that it made. But soon my ears became accustomed to the sounds. Then I grew preoccupied with other things and no longer heard the voice of the little bird.

The same thing occurs with "hearing" God speak to us through the Scriptures. When we are first saved, we faithfully read the Bible and study it diligently. Our hearts thrill as we see His plan unfolded throughout its pages. But in time, we begin to read His Word routinely, not giving our full attention to its message. We sometimes are slow to obey its commands. We neglect it entirely. As a result, we no longer "hear" God speak to us.

Let each of us be diligent in setting aside time each day when we can read the Scriptures and give our full attention to their teachings. God speaks to us through His Word. ARE WE LISTENING?