South Carolina authorities have released dash cam video in connection with the fatal shooting of Walter Scott.

As you will see the footage doesn’t actually show the shooting. It just shows Scott getting out of his car and getting back in when the officer instructs him to stay in the car. The all of a sudden he gets out and starts running. He runs out of the range of the dash cam.

Why did he run? Maybe it was because he owed $18,104.43 in back child support and had a bench warrant issued against him for failure to pay at the time he was stopped by Slager, according to Charleston County family court documents obtained by CNN.

Why did Officer Slager shoot Walter Scott? The both video’s show the officer was not in any immediate danger, so why did he shoot him?

What happened that we didn’t see on the video? Feidin Santana was walking to work when he saw Slager and Scott struggle on the ground that prompted him to take his phone out and start recording video.

Santana also said Slager had control of the situation, meaning he had control of Scott when he heard the sound of a Taser.A second witness Gwen Nichols said she saw Scott and Slager at the entrance to a vacant lot. She also said she saw a tussle type of thing.

Here are the questions I would like the answers too. How and when did this tussle or struggle happen? If Slager caught Scott who was obviously running away from him, he shot him after he had managed to escape and attempt to run away a second time. How can someone who is running from you harm you?

How can we prevent this? How many times have the police gotten away with murder because there was no video or witnesses.

Thank God the authorities didn’t waste any time investigating this shooting and charging this officer with murder.  Maybe they learned from the Ferguson case.  Read more here: