Difficult People Are Not Easy To Deal With.

God designed us in such a way that in times of intense difficulty, we have a built-in moment to turn to Him for help. The primary place in our brain that processes strong negative emotions, such as rage and fear, is called the amygdala. When it's removed from certain animals, they become incapable of expressing rage and fear. Normally when input comes into our brain, it goes to the cortex for processing. In about 5 percent of the cases, however, when something extremely emotional occurs, it goes to our amygdala, and the thinking part of our brain becomes short-circuited. However, in between our brain's intake and our body's response time, there is what is called the "life- giving quarter-second. Paul writes, "in your anger do not sin...and do not give the devil a foothold" (Ephesians 4:26). This quarter-second is a time when the Holy Spirit can take control. This is when we can choose to give this foothold to the Holy Spirit, or you can give it to sin. This is an opportunity for one to ask whether to act on it? It is very amazing how the desire to hurt someone you love can be so strong, then lead to such pain when you indulge it. However, the good news is that when you blow it, and you will blow it, God sends another quarter-second right behind the first one. He is committed to us, and He will keep working with us until we get it right!

Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as "the helper." And as we submit to Him, He will help us handle the difficult people in our lives the correct way.

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