Dad's First Time Running Baby's Morning Routine

There is truly no journey like being a parent. Today, I took another huge step on my parenthood journey.

With the new year just starting, we’ve been working on getting Asè on a consistent daily routine. All of a sudden this morning, mom had to run a few errands and I was left alone with the baby! **Insert panic face here**
At first, I was like “Mom ain’t here so the morning routine ain’t getting done!” Then I thought about if I were in my wife's shoes. Home all day with the baby trying to establish a routine and when I finally leave, my spouse doesn't help out and keep the routine going. Not because they weren't able to, not because something is preventing it from happening, but just because they don't want to.
That is like the ultimate slap in the face! I couldn't do that to my wife. So as she left the house, I put on my parent hat and got to work!
First up, was brushing his teeth. I didn't even know he was old enough to have his teeth brushed! After a slight struggle, we got that done and it was time to lotion him down. My son has eczema so we use a special lotion from Aveeno to keep his skin moisturized.
The last thing I did before breakfast was combing his hair. this was the thing I was most nervous about. His hair is so long in certain spots and I know I can't get through it as well as mom can. After about 30 minutes, I finally called it quits.
It wasn't what mom would usually do, but I got it done!
As my son approaches his 1-year-old birthday, I'm happy to be learning more about taking care of him and making these memories we'll all look back and laugh at.
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