There is a real and present danger in finding yourself connected to cults that fundamentally do not honor Christ as God and Savior. There are many who really don't see the harm in affiliating with such groups. There is also the thought that it's fine to believe whatever appears to help, no matter how much God's Word opposes it.

To really not be fooled by this line of thinking, you only need to recall the deaths of 900 persons in Guyana who drank poison because their leader Jim Jones ordered them to do so. Or to think of the disheartened people in our current society whose depression comes from their participation in fortune-telling, spirit-ism, or some other forms of witchcraft.

I agree, there are many ways that appear correct but end in death. Each of us must constantly be aware of them. All forms of spirit-ism and any group or leader that denies the deity of Christ is to be treated with extreme caution