We've all seen these videos where someone harmonizes with him- or herself in tracks recorded at different times and synchronized. Here's another one that's simply amazing!

This one is a bit different because rather than being just one person doing numerous parts, there are two.  The sound is full and rich, but the complexity of the vocal arrangement in some parts makes you want to


Or was I the lone ranger in this?

If you haven't listened to it at least three times, you've undoubtedly missed a majestic detail or two... If not more.

My only question is whose decision is was to leave this at only 2:38 (which is actually more like 2:34).  It just isn't fair! But they've done exactly what they sought to do: gain new followers, increase in popularity, and build the anticipation of other projects.

If you know of another video that should be highlighted, by all means, tag us, send it to us via our station app, or do whatever needs to be done to make sure we have it so we can share such musical genius with the world!

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