One of the most irritating things is having neighbors who just do too much. The neighbors that do the most with everything like Christmas lights, plants outside of their home and even an over-the-top mailbox.

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I've seen it all.

Some people order custom mailboxes and have them delivered just to make a big deal about it when it finally is installed. Bragging at every chance they can about their new mailbox.

Others have nice modest mailboxes that maybe their kids help decorate, or maybe the kids picked it out.

This Tuscaloosa home threw all that out the window!

I have NEVER seen a mailbox like this in my life. It looks like the original mailbox was somehow lost, or destroyed so they improvised and ended up using a microwave as a mailbox!

Is this not the most country thing ever?

I seriously do applaud them for being creative. The painted address on the side and the red mailbox flag installed all really help sell this microwave as a legit mailbox.

I can only imagine what the mailman thinks when they walk up to this microwave and have to put mail inside of it. Does it still work?

Does this microwave only deliver "Hot mail?"

Ok. I'm sorry, I couldn't help but deliver a horrible dad joke.

Whoever this person is, I'd like to meet them. the creativity and effort put into this microwave mailbox are commendable in my book. It doesn't take away from the fact that it's one of the most country things I've ever seen.

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