Sometimes when I place my head on my pillow at night and pray, I can imagine leaning on Jesus. Whenever I do this, I tend to remember something the Word of God tells us about the apostle John. John himself wrote about how he was sitting beside Jesus at the Last Supper.

John used this term " the disciple whom Jesus loved" as a way of referring to himself without mentioning his own name. He is also depicting a typical banquet setting in first-century Israel, where the table was much lower than those we us today, about knee height.. Reclining without chairs on a mat or cushions was the position for those around the table. John was sitting so close to the Lard that when he turned to ask him a question, he was leaning back against Jesus", with his head on his chest.

John's closeness to Jesus in that moment provides a helpful illustration for our lives with Him today. We may not be able to touch Jesus physically, but we can entrust the weightiest circumstances of our lives to Him.

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