Have you ever found yourself stuck in a conversation with a friend who talks only about themselves? In order to be polite you strike up a conversation by asking questions. The other person proceeds to talk endlessly about themselves, and they never once asks you anything. The entire conversation is centered around that person and not one thing about you.

Just imagine what it must be like for our heavenly Father to listen to our prayers during our devotional time. We may have read a portion of His Word, but then in prayer we swiftly shift direction solely to our own needs. We find ourselves requesting help in solving a problem, providing for a financial need, or healing a physical need. However, the passage of His Word we've read does not even enter into our prayers. What God has just said to us goes unacknowledged.

Without a doubt the writer of the book of Psalms 119 did not have this perspective. Instead, he sought God's help in understanding the Word. "Open my eyes," he said, "that I may see wondrous things from Your law" (Psalms 119:18). He prayed, he expressed how he treasured God's Word, calling it his "delight" (Psalms 119:24).

Let's develop a discipline of praying our response to the Word. By doing so we might change our devotional time. Bible reading and prayer should reflect a two-way communication. Listen to God's Word then pray about what you have heard.

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