Close Encounter With A 14-Foot Alligator In Alabama Lake 

A 14-foot alligator gave two women the scare of a lifetime at an Alabama lake. One woman thought she was going to die in the lake.

According to, two women were enjoying their day kayaking in Lake Forest in Daphne. One of their kyaks was flipped over. The ladies had no why it flipped over but knew it wasn't normal. I'm sure they didn't expect it to be an alligator. After swimming to her friend's kayak, the alligator then swam beneath that kayak and flipped that one over too!

At this point, I'm sure they're probably thinking this is it, the alligator is about to kill us both! I know that's what I would be thinking.

The ladies both tried to swim to land and is said to be blocked by the 14-foot gator. After firefighters were called, the two ladies were rescued safely.

I'm shocked that there are even alligators in Alabama! I swore it was just a Florida thing, and there were no gators in this state. I guess it's really true that you learn something new every day.

I'm glad these ladies escaped with their lives. This could've ended very badly. After both of the kayaks were flipped, it's clear that the alligator wanted something. Especially when the gator blocked the women from getting to land.

I'll tell you, this Florida boy does not miss seeing alligator and I'm going to do my best to stay away from any body of water with alligators. Although it was said that alligators aren't usually in that Daphne lake, I'll still be just fine never visiting.

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