One would think that those in the South are probably more informed when it comes to African-American history. Whether that is true or not, Charles Barkley is making sure students in Alabama and Mississippi are well educated in that regard.

The Alabama native is said to have stated that every child in Alabama should have an opportunity to know his or her history. In an effort to make sure that happens, Barkley has donated $250,000 to the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi, according to the Commercial Appeal of Memphis, Tennessee.

The foundation will offer a digital course on African-Americans' contributions to public service, science, art and sports, reports the Associated Press. Foundation leadership says thousands of students will be involved.

The philanthropy of Barkley is greatly appreciated, especially with it funding an area in which education is quite limited. Kudos for Charles Barkley.

Now, how can we sign up for this course?

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