Well, this is a new way to protect yourself when a hurricane rolls into town.

Randy Jalil, from Port St. Lucie, Fla., pulled his BMW into his living room to avoid Hurricane Matthew last week. Some people party, some people fly right into it and some hunker down in unorthodox ways.

How on Earth did Jalil decide to turn his living room into a makeshift garage? He explained the light bulb moment to Jalopnik:

I basically had the idea to put the E30 M3 in the house because we wanted to save any other cars from the damaging winds or flooding. So two other vehicles were in the garage. Nothing fancy just a couple of old BMWs. So I took a tape measure to see how wide the double doors were. It measured 73", I then took that to my car and realized there was a ton of room on each side."

You put your dad's Chevy in the living room after mistaking the gas for the brake and you're grounded for six months. You put it in there to brace for a terrifying weather system and you're a legend.

Whatever the inspiration, it was a bit of ingenuity that he shared on his Instagram page. We're guessing he moved it at some point, if for no other reason it's really hard to mop your floors around a two-ton piece of German machinery.

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