Here’s a question I need a lady to answer because all the men I know haven’t found an answer other than find a woman that likes the sports you like as much as you do. Now finding a woman who likes the same sports as you, that watches them occasionally will not suffice.

You need to find one that likes the same sport as much or more than you do or you will find yourself going through the same changes every season.

This is what gets me everything is cool I mean good until your favorite sport is season. Then you start to hear her say things like for example “I don’t have a man during football season”.  Or she will say “I guess you are going to watch that all day”, or “oh don’t tell me you are going to watch another game”.  Or “how long are you going to be watching that”.

Somebody please help me out here. I’m just a brother trying to understand. We don’t anything on TGIT.  We either watch it too or go watch another TV. We even cook for ourselves on TGIT.

I just a man whose trying to understand! Please help!