A Fourth of July fireworks celebration has left more than two dozen people injured in Simi Valley, California.

Fireworks accidentally shot off into the crowd, resulting in at least 28 injuries, four of which are considered serious. Reports indicate somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 people at the annual town-sanctioned event when a stage holding the fireworks fell over, causing them to fire into the crowd.

One witness said it was all pretty surreal:

Everybody started screaming and everything that was supposed to happen didn't happen. It was pretty frightening. And a block of wood...came shooting down into the side of my leg."

The park where the festivities were taking place was evacuated and the show came to an abrupt end.

J.T. Alpaugh, a reporter with KABC-TV, said, "We saw at least two or three fireworks go sideways, horizontally and explode. And then it seemed like the barrage of fireworks started exploding at the base of the park, right near the soccer field at ground level.”

Authorities say foul play is not suspected and this was simply an “industrial accident.”

Check out some other video below of the horrifying scene:

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