People close to me know that I practically "LIVE" out of my car.  I never know what's going to occur from day to day. So, I have something to prepare me for all scenarios with me at all times. Needless to say, my car is unnecessarily cluttered.

For months, I'd been seeing ads on Facebook for Brown's Auto Detail.  I looked at other people's cars' before and after pictures and figured if this company could take some of those cars from their grime to greatness, maybe they could help me too!  So, I responded to the Facebook listing and set my appointment.

Let me just say this: I'd used my carpet shampooer on my car several times, and it never came as clean as I wanted. For a while, I'd been transporting my daughter, nieces, and other children every day.  So, my car was.... The way to describe it would probably be "extremely worn."  As a matter of fact, to be honest, I kinda doubted it would get as clean as the other cars I'd seen, but I I figured I'd give them a try.  Boy am I happy I did!

When I tell you they cleaned my car, they cleaned my car!  It's to the degree that if I had seen pictures of my car, I never would have guessed it was mine.  Now, when I make that final payment this year, I'll feel like I have a practically new vehicle... With no payment!

Right now, you can tell me ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

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