I recently read about a couple whose business had failed, and they had limited money to spend at Christmas. They were going to have to move out of their home after the new year. However, they did not desire their holiday season to be ruined because of it. So they decided to have a party. When the guests arrived, they saw a cedar tree decorated with one string of lights and small rolled-up pieces of paper tied to the limbs with ribbon.

"Welcome to our 'blessing tree'!" they said to everyone in attendance, beaming. In spite of hard times, God had blessed they so many ways that they decided to dedicate the tree to Him. Each piece of paper on the tree described a blessing He had given them during the year.

The couple probably have faced more trials since then, but have perhaps chosen to stay focused on the Lord. They have probably remarked that the Christmas with the "blessing tree" was one of their most beautiful, because they could testify as Mary did: "My spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior . . . . He who is mighty has done great and mighty things for me" (Luke 1:47-49).

Whatever your circumstances, they needn't ruin Christmas, for nothing can spoil Christ! Stay focused on Jesus and seek ways to share His blessings with others, perhaps through your own "blessing tree."

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