This Saturday, one of the most anticipated events of the summer will take place at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Comples: The 2nd Annual Birmingham Black Rodeo!

My mom, my aunt, and I went last year, and we had a ball! The rodeo is one of those kinds of things where you have to be there to truly enjoy it, kinda like a major league baseball game.  On tv, the baseball game looks extremely boring.  But AT the game-- TOTALLY different!

Well, with the rodeo, you get background information on some of the participants, such as first timers for particular events, ages of the participants when they're extremely young, and relationship to other riders (i.e. father and son, brothers, etc.).

I think I was probably more surprised to see the number of female participants.  They had control of their horses, too! Those girls were riding, and their long hair was just flapping in the wind.

Then, there's the music! The rodeo had all of the latest music as well as some old school favorites.  EVERYBODY in the crowd had at least ONE song that made them move.  There's no doubt in my mind that this year will include some "whipping," some "Nae-Nae'ing" and some men either in the aisles or standing in their seats, grooving to some Maze! As a matter of fact, this year's Black Rodeo will also feature a performance from Southern Soul sensation J-Wonn!

Be sure to get your tickets! Make it a family night or girls night out! WTUG will be there. Stop by before the show begins and say hi. We'll be looking for you.

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