With National Travel and Tourism Week in mind (May 7-13)....

Last week, I came across a Facebook post that was a little disturbing.  One of my cousins who lives in Seattle (a pretty diverse area) posted that a guy told her that he'd never met a Black woman with a passport.

I'm kinda ashamed to admit that I've never been out of the country, other than to when my parents would take us to Canada. That didn't require a passport, though.

However, I have a number of friends with MULTIPLE stamps on their passports. They've been to destinations that would be deemed "exotic," such as the Caribbean as well as those that aren't so "exotic,"  such as London. Personally, I've set aside a vacation fund so that I'm able to take at least one major vacation per year. I don't think that's uncommon, though.

Is it?  I think more of us travel internationally than the masses are aware.  If you have a passport, where have you been?  Did you use a travel agent?  If so, tag him/her!  Did you do it on your own? What are the pros and cons of doing so?  Let us know!

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