Right now, there is only one way to describe black men in America: Winning!

Why would I choose such a description? Well, let's look at the grand scheme of things. History placed them in last position in terms of competition. It's not that they were not capable of performing on the sale level as others; others were simply given a head start.

The majority of African men brought to America as slaves were ripped from their families during the slave trade. Even more weren't allowed to establish families. They were simply breeders, or those taken with the sole intent of impregnating women to produce more slaves. Thus, the fight to be free of a developed modus operandi, but that's another conversation for another day.

Anyway, over the last 150 years, black men have been working to receive the respect they rightfully deserve... From their women, their children, their employers, their employees... From society as a whole.

Ohhhhhhhh but the game has changed!

It is easy to fight hate with hate, which doesn't bring about a solution for real. But lately, black men have been making their voices heard with their actions!

Anyone with eyes can see the injustice in the country when it comes to black men being killed by those who took oaths to protect and serve. But baby, let me tell you.... Black men are showing out! And it's oh so sexy!

Let's take James Shaw, Jr., the unarmed black man who wrestled a gun away from a gunman at a Tennessee Waffle House. Not only did he save lives, but he went on to raise over $200,000 to benefit the victims' families!

Hold on. Don't let yourself get too feverish too soon!

How about Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, the two black men who were arrested for sitting in Starbucks, have settled with the City of Philadelphia for $1 each and a promise from the city to establish a $200,000 fund for young entrepreneurs!

Honey, if that isn't sexy, I don't know what is!

The actions of these men showed that not only are they mischaracterized as savages, uncivilized, and to be feared but that they are protectors, providers, trailblazers, peace makers, and so much more!

These YOUNG black men just set the stage. Sis, you can down the one you have at home if you wanna. If I were you, I'd learn how to bring out the best in him and cherish that most desired gem!

Everybody wants a black man for one reason or another, even if it's because he can't be figured out.... Because he continues to persevere in the face of adversity. Don't let the fake hate fool ya.


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