Birmingham Set To Host The 2025 World Police and Fire Games

I know it is a few years away, but I’m excited to share that Birmingham, Alabama, is set to host the 2025 World Police and Fire Games.  I bet you are wondering what are the World Police and Fire Games.  Well, according to Top End Sports, “The World Police and Fire Games takes place every other year. It is an athletic event that is open to active and retired law enforcement and fire service personnel throughout the globe, comprising a wide range of individual and team sports.”  This is a super cool event, and it’s coming super close to us June 27 through July 6, 2025.  Wow, I’m so impressed that we have this super exclusive event coming to the state of Alabama.  On top of that, Alabama has the chance to showcase our incredible police and fire personal to not only the local community, but there will be international attendees and visitors as well.  According to the BHM 2025 website, the “international multi-sport event expected to generate a $75 million in economic impact.”  Also listed on the website were various prospective event sports, which range from archery, cycling, golf, judo, police action pistol, swimming, and so much more.  Listen, I am so excited to learn about the World Police and Fire Games because of the impact that it will have on the state of Alabama.

(Source) For more about from Top End Sports, click here.  For more about the 2025 World Police and Fire Games from BHM 2025, click here.  For the Fast Facts, click here. 

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