This story is one that I can related to because I have a niece that’s autistic.  Dealing with autistic children can be a handful.  There moods can change from pleasant to unpleasant suddenly.

She has on occasions leave home without anyone realizing it. Autistic children do something we all wish we could do. They accomplish their goals without fail.  If they want go outside they are going with or without you.

In my nieces case she lives in a neighborhood where everyone knows her including the police.  She would wander off and the police would bring her home.  I remember telling my sister I believe she like riding in the police car that’s why she would wander off.

Birmingham and Fairfield police are still searching for a missing 15 year old autistic boy.  The boy has been missing since February.  If you see him you are ask to contact the Fairfield and Birmingham police. Read more here at