Netflix is a fantastic site for movie and TV lovers. But with so many titles to choose from, and new options getting added all the time, how do you know what to watch?

With that question in mind, ScreenCrush is proud to present Bestflix, our new monthly web series and a companion to our regular column of Netflix recommendations. Each month, your host (me, Matt Singer, the guy who is typing this right now), will pick five notable titles that are worth adding to your queue (or MyList, as it is now awkwardly known). These picks will run the gamut: New curiosities, old favorites, big movies, little TV shows, whatever is new and interesting on Netflix this month. On this debut episode, for example, you’ll find Oscar nominees, overlooked documentaries, a remake of a Hollywood classic, the final season of a great TV show, and the first season of a new one. If you can’t find something you’re interested from this group ... well them I’m deeply sorry and I’ll try harder to please you in April.

We’ll also give you the dates when you’ll be able to find each film. And this is just the beginning; as we get going we’ll hopefully be able to add more info on expiring titles and the stuff available on other sites like Hulu and Amazon. For now, though, enjoy the first episode of Bestflix!