I think it's time we have a question answered so that we can be on one accord moving forward. With so many great years within the program, which was the best year defensively?

We all know that there have been some amazing players individually who've come through the football program. To win a game, and to make history, it takes more than individuals.

We've all heard the phrase "Defense wins games" and this Twitter post has me wondering..... Which was Alabama's best defensive year? It would seem that this post is suggesting 2011 was Alabama's best year on defense.


After watching those clips you have to admit, they make a pretty good case. Takeaway after takeaway, defensive touchdowns and fumbles are all through the season.

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Do you think 2011 was the best defensive year for the Crimson Tide? Some seem to think maybe it was.

A tweet directly under the video asks a question that made my brain hurt. I can admit when I need help getting the correct answer to this question. Was there another defense better than the squad from 2011? Maybe the 2016 defensive team?

The first thing I can think of is that the 2011 defensive team has a National Championship title on their season, unlike the 2016 team. Do you think that matters?

Were the players overall better in one year versus the other? Let me know your thoughts and prove why you think that year was better. I'd be interested in the "Evidence" on why you think a certain year was the best defensive year for the Tide.

Let me know at DreDay@1051TheBlock.Com.

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