Get a behind the scenes look at Target in Tuscaloosa, as the 2016 College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy Presented by Dr. Pepper made its first public appearance.

The Alabama faithful had a rare opportunity to get an up close look without any glass casing to see the same trophy held by Coach Nick Saban and the players just days prior. Not only a close look, but a photo opportunity!

The 3-hour event hosted by Dr. Pepper and Target was completely free, including the pictures taken by a photographer. Many of the fans wore their brand new championship apparel for the photo. Others with their luck shirts. Then, there was mother and daughter who chose to have trophy photo with their sock puppets only. I asked why, and they didn't really want to share.

A job well done by the Tuscaloosa Target management on the pre-planning for crowd management, the line was organized and moved swiftly and the people I asked were very pleased with it.