Are You Under His Wing?

When I think about protection, I don't automatically think of a bird's feathers. Though a bird's feathers might appear to be too flimsy  to protect, there is more to them than meets the eye. Bird feathers are an amazing example of God's design. Feathers have a rather smooth part and a fluffy part. The smooth part of the feather has stiff barbs with small hooks that lock together like the prongs of a zipper. The fluffy part keeps a bird warm. Together both parts of the feather protect the bird from wind and rain. However, baby birds are covered with a fluffy down and their feathers have not fully developed. So the mother bird has to cover them in the nest with her own feathers to protect them from wind and rain.

The image of God (covering) us with his feathers in Psalm 91:4 and in other Bible passages is one of comfort and protection. The image that comes to my mind is one of a mother watching over her children. Like a parent whose arms are a safe place to retreat from a scary storm or a hurt, God's comforting presence provides safety and protection from life's emotional storms.

Though we often experience trouble and heartache, we can face them without fear as long as our faces are turned toward God

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