According to the scriptures, there isn't any doubt that we are to be our brother's keeper. But how well are we doing this today? Let us re-examine how well we are doing in our obligations to one another. When One Becomes a Brother or Sister in Christ do we receive them in the family of God or simply ignore them? Do we edity them or put stumbling blocks in their way?

Are we encouraging the Body of Christ or are we like cancer, weakening the members of the Body of Christ by our own examples or by our words, attitudes, etc. We all need to do self-examination of our examples, our words, and our attitudes. Do we submit to the new brother or sister, or arrogantly rule over them?

Are we our brother's keeper? How we answer this question may reveal how well or poorly we are fulfilling our actual responsibility to be our brother's keeper and if we are living up to the one responsibility we have that includes all others: and this is to love one another as Christ loved us (John 13:34-35).