Apple's latest holiday ad is called "The Song," and before you watch it you need to make sure you've got Kleenex on hand! It's a unique advertisement--it seems more about the story than the products, and the story is an emotional one. I was a bawling hot mess by the end of this commercial, okay? We were watching It's a Wonderful Life last night, and this commercial aired. After seeing it for the first time, I was sobbing.

Normally my husband laughs at me for this kind of stuff (I'm a sucker for anything even slightly maudlin), but this was not the case--even he couldn't deny the emotional sucker punch that is Apple's new ad. I looked at him; there were tears in his eyes. He was like, "Sure is dusty in here..." which is dude-speak for "Excuse me whilst I sob."

What do you think of Apple's "The Song?" Will it be remembered as one of the greatest holiday ads of all time?