Anyone Else Notice The Price Of Eggs Recently?

I like eggs. I love them so much, I have two a day for breakfast, seven days a week.  That’s 14 eggs a week, in four weeks that’s 56 eggs, and for an entire year, that’s 730 eggs.  [Someone might have to check my math lol]  When ordering my grocery pick up order last week and this week, I noticed that eggs went up dramatically.  [So much so, that my eyes squinted at the price]  I just had to figure out why.  The answer, all roads pointed to my economics class in high school in a lesson called supply and demand.  According to the LA Times, ‘There’s only a fixed number of eggs available on any given day — you can’t squeeze an unlimited number of eggs out of a chicken, and it can take months to buy more hens and build more coops for them. In the meantime, shoppers are buying extra cartons as they aim to limit grocery runs during the COVID-19 pandemic.”   My suggestion when buying eggs, look at the price per egg, sometimes getting the larger quantity is not always the most cost-effective.

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