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Alabama boasts a vibrant community of independent gospel recording artists who excel in delivering top-notch gospel music, ranging from choirs to quartets and beyond. The surge of independent gospel recording artists has been particularly noticeable in the last decade, making a significant impact not only within Alabama but resonating across the nation. Recognizing and honoring these independent recording artists is crucial, and an organization based in Mobile, Alabama has taken the initiative to acknowledge and celebrate local and national talents alike. The Voices of Gospel Music Awards, about to embark on its 9th year, is dedicated to honoring Alabama gospel recording artists as well as independent recording artists nationwide.

Established in 2015, The Voices of Gospel Music Awards is affiliated with the Gospel Sounds Radio Network. The organization aims to create a weekend filled with joy and excitement for Independent Gospel Music Artists, Pastors, Community Leaders, Civil Rights Leaders, Record Labels, Radio Personalities, and more. This gathering serves as a time for individuals to come together, enjoy fellowship, and reflect on the accomplishments and new beginnings attributed to the work of God over the years.

The Voices of Gospel Music Awards will shine a spotlight on over 30 categories, acknowledging the labor and industry dedication of those who spread the message of Jesus Christ through Gospel music. The awards ceremony also extends recognition to Religious and Community leaders, Civil Rights Legends, and various other impactful individuals.

Founded by Elder Gary Johnson of Mobile, Alabama, who serves as the CEO of Gospel Sounds Radio Network, The Voices of Gospel Music Awards is an extension of Elder Johnson's commitment to the Gospel music industry. Through initiatives such as the Annual Gospel Music Showcase, which he has hosted for the past 8 years, Elder Johnson has successfully brought together independent artists from across the country to showcase their talents. As the pastor of Miracle Temple Church in Biloxi, MS, Elder Johnson's passion for the Gospel music industry is evident, particularly in his dedication to supporting overlooked artists with exceptional talent.

The mission of The Voices of Gospel Music Awards is to recognize, appreciate, and honor outstanding gospel talent nationwide. Over the years, the awards ceremony has welcomed prominent figures in the gospel music scene, from Doug Williams to Ted Winn. Those interested in participating in this celebration of gospel music can attend the event in Mobile, Alabama, scheduled for September 5-7, 2024. Nominations for the 2024 Awards are currently open, with the entry period running from October 20, 2023, to December 20, 2023. To learn more and nominate an Alabama indie gospel recording artist, visit

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