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Alabama Gospel artist Tay (T-Man) Menafield released his new single in 2020, "He Deserves All The Praise" on the anniversary of the passing of the late Pastor Shawn Jones in November of 2020. Tay had the privilege to sing background with Pastor Jones and The Believers, for 8 years After much prayer Tay decided to launch a solo career.

In 2019, Opelika based artist Tay Menafield released "Wait On Jesus" with critical acclaim in the gospel industry especially in the quartet genre of Gospel music.

HE DESERVES ALL THE PRAISE,” is a song that musician Trey Merritt wrote several years ago for Tay, but at the time it did not fit the lineup. This year has been a very trying year for everyone. The pandemic as well as the presidential election has had a negative effect on the hearts and minds of the men and women of God, yet in the midst of it all, He Deserves All The Praise.  In the words of Queen Esther, “for such a time as this.” It is the prayer of Tay Menafield that he will be able reach the masses with his message in songAfter experiencing such an unexpected shift in life, is has become his goal and vision to share his story around the world. If he can just help somebody along the way, then he knows his living want be in vain. The message is clear and simple, no matter what you may be going through in this season of your life, He Deserves All The Praise.

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