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K. S. Ammons, a native of Roanoke AL, has always loved to sing. She started out singing in church at a young age. Her dream was to become a professional singer and record a CD one day. She began writing in 2008 and continues to write focusing on her love for God. She loves praise and worship music. Some of her favorite artists that have inspired her are Jonathan McReynolds, Todd Dulaney, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, and Travis Greene to name a few. Besides her love for music, she loves children and pours as much as she can into her Wednesday night bible study class and any kids she meets.

K.S. Ammons is from a small-town named Roanoke, AL. As far back as she can remember she loved to sing. She began signing in church at a young age in the youth choir and played piano some for the choir. Not until she could no longer take piano lessons did, she realize how much she loved to sing. Outside of church she didn’t sing in public until her sophomore year in high school. She has sung for numerous weddings and a few funerals as well. Not long after she began singing in public outside of church did, she realize that she wanted to be a professional singer. She knew that going to college was needed and didn’t expect to graduate out of high school and start her career.

She graduated Jacksonville State University and began working in Huntsville shortly after graduation. In the back of her mind after starting her first job as a Software Developer, was still the desire to sing professionally and she gave herself five years to jump start that career. Well, the years started rolling by and she began to become discouraged but also knew that her timing was not Gods timing. So, she continued to wait and pray and not rush Gods timing. Many events happened in her life after the five-year time limit was up. One day she was attending the round church location of Union Chapel Missionary Baptist Church and one of the musicians at the time Deno asked could she write songs and she replied by saying no. She went home and pondered that thought for some time. It was tugging on her heart, so she decided to try and start writing already convinced that she couldn’t. That day was a turning point for her. She began writing songs, and many of the events that happened in the five plus years of her waiting on the singing career, are the material in the songs she has written. To this day, she has not stopped writing.

She loves praise and worship music and some of her favorite artists that have inspired her are Jonathan McReynolds, Todd Dulaney, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, and Travis Greene to name a few. She stepped out and took Jamel Strong’s Master series class in 2015 which helped her develop parts of her voice that she didn’t realize were there and is now stronger. She also sings in her church and has had the opportunity to sing back-up on ‘’Just Monica’s” first album “You Alone Are Worthy”. She is currently working on music to launch her own album. She released her first single in 2017 called ‎Lord I Lift, and later released another single in June 2022 called Have Your Way which is produced by Dulaneyland Music.

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