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Alabama's Alex Ward is musical genius and loves to sing and bring gospel music to the forefront. Ward is a bright, intelligent young man on the rise on the music scene.  His music has even taken off in videos on social media with him and his girlfriend.

Alex Ward, age 23, is a native of Winter Haven, Florida, but currently resides in Decatur, Alabama. He is the third child of six to Aaron and Charlene Wilson.With having a mother who is musically inclined and well known for her extraordinary singing abilities, Alex not only developed a love for the drums, but singing and playing the keyboard. At a young age, Alex would go around making a drum out of any tool he could get his hands on until he received his first drum set. Because of his love of playing drums, he became the drummer for Amie Chapel M.B. Church of Nichols, FL, under the pastoral leadership of his grandfather, the late Rev. Corton J. Parks, Jr..Although Alex had a love for the drums, he truly enjoyed attending weeknight revivals within the Church of God by Faith jurisdiction. He’d show his admiration of preaching while at home carrying his t-shirt as a sweat towel and his PlaySkool Tape Player Recorder with microphones to mimic sermons he had heard.

As Alex grew older, he continued to play the drums, but he developed a love for the keyboard as he watched his mother effortlessly tap the keys in rhythmic blends to play songs for the church choirs. As competitive as Alex was, as a talented athlete as well, he did not want his mother to teach him how to play. He would sit next to her on the keys and take notes, but he was determined to play the keyboard better than her, and indeed, he self taught himself to play the keyboard, making his mother’s duty as the church musician and worship leader a tad easier. When his mother had to sing a song for any church program, Alex would be the first to hop on the keyboard and play by ear to accompany her song selection.

As Alex continued to practice on the keyboard, he began to include his passion for singing, learning how to play the songs he enjoyed singing. As his passion for the keyboard grew, his grandparents purchased him his own keyboard. Throughout his childhood, Alex would spend his spare time, outside of track and field and basketball, exploring the ins and outs of the keyboard, learning how to mix music and transpose keys while increasing his knowledge of musical scales and arpeggios. As Alex got older and the challenges of life began to weigh on his shoulder, he put his love for singing and the keyboard together and wrote his first song titled “We Will Survive” in 2012. After blasting the song in his room day after day and making musical changes to it, he went into a local music studio in his hometown and mixed it.

As a teenager, Alex’s love for the keyboard and singing did not fade. As Alex and his family matriculated to the Church of God by Faith jurisdiction, he began leading praise and worship, singing solos, and playing the drums or keyboard for his church. As he continued to play the drums and keyboard, he came across a new found love for the organ. Alex had already been known for his musical and athletic talents, but now he was being asked to sing or play for different church events all over Polk County. He would even willingly play for soloists who did not have an accompanist out of the kindness of his heart.In the summer of 2016, 2 months after graduating high school and laying his grandfather to rest in the same day, Alex relocated to Huntsville, Alabama to begin his collegiate career in track and field and sports management at Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. When Alex would come home for holiday breaks, he would resume his duty of singing or playing the keyboard at his home church. During these holiday breaks, not only would he shoot some hoops with his friends and assist at his father’s track practices, but Alex also set aside time to have musical sessions with other musicians at local churches.Alex currently attends Lifeline Church in Decatur, Alabama with his girlfriend, Chelsey, and two month old son, Amir Ward, where he and Chelsey are both praise and worship leaders. He travels back and forth to Huntsville and Decatur playing and singing for many different churches within Alabama, and he also travels to sing at different locations throughout the United States.

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