Are you able to talk to your incarcerated loved ones via cell phone?  Do you have a certain time to call, like before or after guards come around to check the cells? Well, if the Alabama Department of Corrections has its way, that will soon change.The Alabama Department of Corrections plans to install new technology to block calls and texts to cellphones in some prisons, where they're considered contraband but still used by inmates inside. This will make the cellphones essentially useless. So, amateur videos displaying what it's like inside prison walls will be less frequently released as will the videos showing how musically talented some inmates are! (Honestly, I hate that part.  Some of the best rap I've heard in recent years has come from behind the gates.)

I wonder if officials noticed a huge decrease in pay phone charges.  Whatever the case, this move will also probably save those who might have gotten caught attempting to smuggle contraband. So, you may not get to hear from your loved ones as often as you'd like, but at least your chances of being side-by-side with them will significantly decrease.

How do you feel about this?  Should inmates be allowed to have cell phones, used within designated hours; or do inmates lose all rights when incarcerated?