Are you a fan of hot and spicy like I am? Well if your go-to for some heat is Sriracha sauce, we may possibly have a shortage of our favorite condiment.

So how did this happen? How could there be a shortage of Sriracha sauce? Well, let me explain.

Ok… chili peppers have been in short supply since the beginning of the Covid pandemic. Huy Fong, the producer of our beloved Sriracha sauce, made a statement in April that there are even more shortages of the chilies needed to produce Sriracha sauce.

No peppers - no sauce - no yum yum…

Why do you ask…well I’ll tell you.

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There have also been unfavorable weather conditions where these peppers are grown, we can all relate to crazy weather, right? This is affecting the quality of the peppers.

Some fans of Sriracha have already begun to hoard our beloved Asian hot sauce. You can also add these other Huy Fong products to the shortage list as well, Chili Garlic Sauce and Sambal Oelek products.

Oh no… will this become like the toilet paper shortage? I hope not that was an ugly blemish on the evolution of the human race.

I STILL have nightmares…

So if you are a lover of Sriracha hot chili sauce, I suggest you get an extra bottle or two for the summer grilling season. Just don’t take them all, Save some for me, please.

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