The City of Tuscaloosa has long been a proponent of making sure area residents have access to programs which help provide a better quality of life. It's not stated how the Tuscaloosa area affects this information, but according to one study, Alabama is one of the least financially savvy states in the U.S.

WalletHub says that Alabama ranks 47th when it comes to Average Credit Score, 38th in percentage of households where no one has a bank account, and we're practically average in regards to the percentage of the population spending more than they earn as well as the population with rainy-day funds.

These numbers are staggering. Hopefully, it means that other areas in the state either don't have or don't take advantage of resources similar to those our local government and civic organizations provide and not that we have these available but don't use them. If this is the case, it's something that definitely needs to change.