What Does It Mean When Babies Grow Up Too Fast? 

I have to admit, I feel like I'm just winging this whole "being a father" thing. Not that my dad wasn't a great father, and I definitely have a huge support system, but I still feel unprepared. Since my son's birth, Google has been my best friend. Lol! It would make sense that I feel unprepared because this is something I've never done before.

One of the biggest things I wasn't prepared for was him growing up so fast!

At first, it was cute. He was smiling and reaching for things at an early age. He began standing and walking earlier than normal. Now, he's opening cabinets and playing with all of the things he's supposed to be staying away from.

One night, I'm in the living room doing some work. He was playing in front of me with a few of his toys. Everything was normal. He was giggling and screaming in excitement. After about 2 minutes of silence, I look up and he's no longer in front of me in the living room!

I panicked for a few seconds then I looked over to the kitchen. I see my son in the kitchen cabinet playing with the vegetable oil bottle!


I've heard this plenty of times from other parents and no I see what they mean. My child is growing up too fast! He was just born! Why is he walking and almost talking and playing in cabinets already?!

To all of my parents, what do I do when my child is growing too fast?

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