The College Football Playoff announced today the first selection committee top 25 ranking.

The selection committee will prepare six more rankings this season, including the final one on Selection Day, Sunday, December 7.  The top four teams in the final rankings will play in the semifinals on January 1, 2015, at the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl.

“The College Football Playoff selection committee met for the past two days and we engaged in a lively and detailed discussion about who the best teams are in college football, as of October 26,” said selection chairman Jeff Long.  “We debated, we reviewed facts and statistics, and we used our judgment.  There are 18 one-loss teams in the FBS and the differences between many of these teams are slight.  The bottom line is it’s early, it’s close and it’s going to change.”

This was the first official meeting for the selection committee which will reconvene in person each week to review the action and issue new rankings.