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This Video is just wild!

I'm A big fan of the Swamp People TV show on the history channel.

On the show they Seem to handle these gators with ease. Most of the gators on that show are much larger

Kim Joiner, Facebook

like this 16-foot dinosaur.

Thankfully these officers ran into a possible 6-footer.

Gator Tiffany Fox Facebook
Gator Tiffany Fox Facebook

Either way, I don't want any part of messing around with a gator unless I can kill him.

I wouldn't even want anything to do with a little baby like these officers did at a church not too long ago.

The Clarke County Hot Topics group, posted about this gator that decided to join Northrup Chapel Church for service.

Clarke County Sheriff Deputies along with the local Game Warden were called to Northrup Chapel Church on Highway 145 south this evening for a baby gator who wondered up in the driveway.
Clarke county hot topics facebook
Clarke county hot topics facebook
Before going into the church parking lot, 911 Dispatchers reported the gator walking up and down Highway 145 and had gotten a few calls about it being in the road.
As officials arrived on scene, the gator then ran to the church to take cover on the porch.
Perhaps it was only looking for food, maybe a place to get cool after crossing the road several times or as one of the Deputies said “He was just lookin’ for a little Jesus” ….
The Game Warden was able to successfully capture the 4 Ft. little fella and place it in “protective custody”. The gator will be safely relocated."
My only question is where do you relocate a gator?
Is it in Alabama, Probably?
Now we got this gator taking out officers.
This video was posted by Tiffany Fox on Facebook.

That Gator wasn't going down without a fight!

I'm just glad the officers are ok. and the gator was taken without any more damage.

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