Schools around the country continue to find innovative ways to promote and market their newest class of football signees, and the University of Alabama has always been at the forefront of many trends. 

There was the 'fax cam girl' in 2012 which later turned into a full television production on campus to highlight the next way of players. Now you can be stuck in traffic along McFarland Blvd and get real-time updates on who has signed their national letter of intent.

Alabama shared a couple of pictures of the digital billboards its utilizing to promote each new signee.

This billboard sits in front of the Dunkin Donuts on McFarland Blvd, which is just a few football fields from the interstate exit. This is one of the busiest sections of town so the placement makes perfect sense.

Follow the latest National Signing Day updates here and see the full Alabama recruiting class here. 

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