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Warning graphic pictures and video.

Of all the animals we have to worry about here in Alabama, a pack of dogs that are attacking pets and livestock would have never made my list.

james senn dogs facebook
james senn dogs facebook

Recently we had a big announcement that we all should be concerned about.  Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division announced that Black Bears can now be found in every county in this great state of Alabama.

Moon Bear Rescue Centre In Chengdu
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Stay BEARWISE and learn easy ways to live safely near them and avoid bear issues: Below is info from

Talk about having something to worry about!

That wasn't so shocking to me, because I've always been scared of bears.

Where is our dog warning?

Recently James Senn, who is the owner of a small farm in Lauderdale County, woke up one morning to find his farm had been raided and his livestock slaughtered.

James Senn said “It looked like a war zone”

After everything was accounted for 16 goats, three ducks, and one chicken, were found with bite marks on their necks.

James Senn facebook
James Senn facebook

What could possibly do all this damage? Dogs!

“There were dead bodies all along my pasture.” James said

Officials with Lauderdale County Animal services said it started as a pack of four dogs. They are responsible for killing nearly 50 animals in the community.

The dogs didn't discriminate, they killed cats, dogs, goats, chickens, ducks, and a horse.

James Senn Facebook
James Senn Facebook

“There’s blood on the walls, there’s blood in the barn, they killed one in the pond,” James Senn said “Everywhere you looked it was just a dead animal.”

Out of James Senn's 17 goats, only one survived.

James is now out $10,000 from the brutal attack.

“They pretty much put me out of the goat business,” James Senn said.

This video is disturbing

Lauderdale County Animal Control say when the owner of the dogs is found, they will be held responsible for damage the dogs did.

“You’re liable for what your dog does, and they’ve caused a lot of destruction,” she said.

The dogs we talked about here have all been captured and put down.

But how many packs of dogs are running across Alabama?

We need to do a better job controlling the pet population. Everyone can help.

PLEASE! Get your pets spayed and neutered.

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