What in the world is wrong with people? Who would want to watch an unknowing child take a shower? Apparently, this one GROWN Alabama man did; and now he's going to spend time watching his cellmate shower.

AL.com reports that Dusty Ray Wilhoite made videos of a 13-year-old victim in 2011. Her mother discovered them in 2013 and turned them in to police. Wilhoite pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of a child and could have been sentenced to up to 30 years in prison in addition to a $250,000 fine.

Not that I condone the viewing of sexually explicit videos, but if a person wanted to watch one, or even create one, there are thousands of adults willing to be those kinds of stars. Many of them use those roles as a means of making it into the film industry. So, you know they're actors and actresses, which means they have the ability to pretend to not know the camera is there. Instead this dirt bag chose to victimize someone's CHILD!

He is said to have turned off the camera once THE CHILD got into the shower. It is not stated how long that process took from her undressing to getting into the shower, but what I DO know is that if that had been MY child,  I would have been facing a sentencing, too.


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