Half the state of Alabama lost its collective mind when a new Buc-ee's opened in Leeds earlier this week. Buc-ee's, which can best be described as Six Flags Over Gas Pumps, is a Texas-based gas station chain sells everything from hats to beef jerky.

It's a fan favorite, and when I say it's HUGE I am not lying. Most Buc-ee's have a minimum of 100 gas pumps. WILD.

Anyway, people are literally driving from all over Alabama to go to the new Buc-ee's in Leeds. This is great for the city of Leeds, because why else would you go there (except the Bass Pro Shop)?

I started thinking: why doesn't Tuscaloosa or Northport have a Buc-ee's? We're a minimum of 25,672 times cooler than Leeds, so what gives? Could the good people at Buc-ee's corporate need some guidance in choosing their next location?

Allow me to help.

6 West Alabama Spots that Would Be Perfect for Buc-ee's

Where would you build a Buc-ee's in West Alabama? Hit me up using our app chat and let me know.

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