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It's beginning to look like Christmas but in a different way this year in 2020 due to the pandemic. This year has been filled with cancellations, virtual events, staggered schedules, zoom meetings, social distancing and limited travel. Christmas is shaping up to be no different. The rising cases this winter is causing many people to stay home in closed quarters to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

The year of 2020, has really brought out the creativity of people, churches, organizations, schools and businesses. What do you do when you can't travel to give that last minute Christmas gift in person due to the pandemic? You cannot give any gift that will replace love, hugs and kisses but we have some holiday gift ideas that you can give without even having to the comfort your home.

Gift Cards

People love gift cards! You can use them everywhere you go! You can shop, eat or order anything you like with them and many online stores have them for purchase. Check out and other major retailers like Amazon, Home Depot and etc to purchase and send via email to a friend or family member.

Virtual Gym Membership

The new year is upon us and hopefully in the near future you can fully use the local gyms to exercise and get into shape. You can shed some pounds virtually if you use the new mirror experience, Peloton and other gyms to help you get into shape.  Visit to sign up and send some a membership.

Food Delivery Gift Cards

I love using the grocery store service, Shipt to deliver groceries when I cannot make it to the store. People love eating and love to get free food. Delivery services such as Uber Eats, Doordash, Grubhub and Shipt all offer virtual gift cards to you to give to your hungry friends this holiday season via email. Go give the perfect gift of feeding a hungry friend without leaving home.

Transportation Gift Cards

Lyft and Uber have become favorite forms of public transportation to help people get to work, school, and just to go have fun. Uber and Lyft are reasonable services but a free ride can come in handy when you run out of gas, car maintenance is underway, or just wanting another person to drive for you. Check out Uber or Lyft today to get your cards.

Subscription & Membership Services

There are so many apps to get membership and subscription services for friends and family that you can give this holiday season from Netflix, Hulo, Amazon, Philo, Disney Plus and countless more. Watching television and movies this holidays after you settle down and get cozy with your loved ones or friends is a perfect stocking gift. The only thing to remember when you give you the gift remind the recipient that most subscription services do have monthly fees that they will have to pay once the gift card memberships run out.

Go get these the great virtual holiday gift ideas for your last minute Christmas shopping without having to leave home!

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