This year, instead of the flowers that fade and the box of candy that ruins resolutions, consider treating your Valentine to a romantic getaway for two.

You could just rent a suite in your own hometown or something at a bed and breakfast down the road, or you could plan a trip to one of America’s many romantic cities and share an unforgettable couple’s-retreat weekend. Here are five romantic getaway cities that you may not have considered:

Savannah, Georgia

If there’s a southern belle in your life, then you have the perfect excuse for a Valentine’s getaway in Savannah, Georgia. Not only is this old-fashioned city considered one of our country’s most haunted, it’s also considered one of its most romantic. Treat your special one to a carriage ride, a walk along an ocean beach, a moonlit stroll down a cobblestone street under giant trees wearing Spanish moss coats or even take a ghost tour together and snuggle up for safety. Restaurants and spas cater to couples, so you’re sure to have a relaxing and romantic weekend together. The romantic charm of this little city will stay with you all year long.

St. Paul, Minnesota

Before you say, “Wait, what?!” know this: St. Paul was named America’s most romantic getaway city by USA Today. We’re not suggesting you leave a warm winter climate for what can sometimes be an icy excuse for Valentine’s Day snuggling, but if you’re in the Midwest or the northern plains and you’re looking for somewhere different and affordable, St. Paul is considered “the smaller, quieter and the more sophisticated of the Twin Cities.” Enjoy a romantic dinner along the mighty Mississippi, an adventurous beer tasting or ice skating with your sweetheart. Then, cuddle up by the fire at a bed and breakfast, or get treated to a couple’s massage at a spa. Either way, you won’t be cold with your Valentine in St. Paul.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Laid back and full of beautiful art and even more beautiful sunsets, Santa Fe is a great getaway for the art-loving Valentine. Santa Fe also has a long and rich history that gives couples a lot to explore together in the city. But if you’re interested in a more “outdoorsy” escape (and you could actually be outside in February here), hike the colorful mountains and valleys, and search for local vineyards and ancient Native American ruins. This ancient area has some of the most unique types of architecture and history our nation has to offer. Santa Fe also has plenty of interesting gourmet dining options, along with gorgeous romantic resorts and spas. You may want Valentine’s Day to last all year.

Providence, Rhode Island

New York lights up on Valentine’s Day, Boston is filled with romantic history and Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love, but the romantic getaway you haven’t thought of yet is Providence, Rhode Island. This is a little city with a lot of love. Open Table named it as one of America’s top 25 most romantic cities based on its many options for unforgettable dinner dates. Before dinner, you may want to head out of town to tour a vineyard or tour the city’s rich history and architecture. There are also many opportunities for a quick smooch as you stroll along the waterfront. Leave the crowds in New York and get away in Rhode Island.

Mendocino, California

If it’s a romantic coastal getaway you desire, but not the winter climate, then it’s time to head to Mendocino, California. Here you can still take that long walk on the beach without having to bundle up. A seaside inn is the perfect place to rekindle the magic with your Valentine. And when you aren’t rekindling, you’ll notice you’re in wine country, so you can spend some quality couple time touring the vineyards in and around Mendocino to find your signature wine. The area boasts ancient redwood forests and dramatic Pacific coast sights like sea arches and hidden grottos. Take a romantic horseback ride and then head off into the sunset like Valentines of old.

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