Can you believe it? It's been 25 years to the day that we experienced "The Blizzard Of 1993". In some ways it seems like yesterday, and in other ways in feels like a lifetime ago. Where were you when it hit? I recall it vividly.

I remember this EVENT, because all the weather reports, and State Officials were advising that we stay off the roads due to the oncoming blizzard. At the time, I was working on the legendary Z102, or as most Tuscaloosans remember, "Z-1-0-2!"  Of course, being from the north, I thought everybody was overreacting. Growing up in the Chicagoland Metropolitan area, I had seen and lived through BLIZZARDS! So, I figured that in Tuscaloosa we might get a half an inch at best. In fact, my Program Director  asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to come in to work in case anyone had gotten snowed in. I laughed and raised my hand, because I thought it was going to be dud. Plus,  if there was ANY snow, I would be able to drive in it because I had "previous experience". Boy, did I get the wrong end of that deal! Because I wound up being the ONLY guy on the road in my 1987 Ford Escort, and pulling a 10 hour air-shift! I will say that the Escort performed like a CHAMP with it's front-wheel drive....No problems driving through the snow in that little BEAST!

So, did "The Blizzard" live up to it's billing? I say, "YES!". Even I, as a jaded Northerner, was impressed with the snowfall. "Official" reports say that Tuscaloosa got 4 inches of snow. I totally disagree with that. I measured the snow in my front yard, and my ruler had it at 8 and 1/8 Inches! Birmingham reportedly got a foot. Every county in Alabama reported SOME snowfall.

If you're too young to remember The Blizzard, or maybe you weren't even born yet, check out these vintage YouTube Clips featuring our own James Spann....


And, if YOU did live through the Blizzard Of '93, then you have my permission to enjoy a Snow Day today! :-)


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