The Purple One wrote tracks for artists like Kenny Rogers, No Doubt, and Stevie Nicks--check out our list of 10 songs you may not have realized were written by the legendary Prince Rogers Nelson.

The world is still reeling from the loss of the one and only Prince Rogers Nelson. Prince was an icon for many reasons. He was an incredible performer, and he could SHRED. Prince was one of, if not THE, greatest guitar players on the planet (and probably any other planet for that matter). He knew how to dress. He knew how to flirt. He was sexy as hell. His side-eye game was (and shall forever continue to be) unparalleled.

And he was an incredible songwriter. Like, I hate that I can't think of a better word than incredible--I feel like I use the word too often, but if anyone was ever deserving of the adjective, it's Prince.

Prince's impact on the music industry goes far, far beyond the albums he released. He's worked with so many other artists and helped to write some of the biggest hits. Here's a look at 10 songs you may not have realized were written by Prince.

1. Nothing Compares 2 U/ Sinead O'Connor
A lot of people realize this is a Prince joint, but I am including it as #1 because it is such an incredible song. Originally written for Prince's funky side project, The Family, Sinead took the track in 1990 and turned it into an international hit.

2. Manic Monday/The Bangles
Prince wrote this song for Apollonia 6, but the track was never recorded by the group. Rumor has it Prince gave the song to The Bangles under the pseudonym "Christopher" because he had a crush on Susanna Hoffs (didn't we all?).

3. Love Song/ Madonna
You'll find this song on Madonna's Like A Prayer. Prince helped Madonna write the song and produced it at his Paisley Park studios. He also sings and plays guitar on the track.

4. The Glamorous Life/ Shelia E.
This is one of those songs you listen to and find yourself thinking OF COURSE PRINCE WROTE THIS SONG. Prince ditched the psuedonym "Christopher" for this song, using "Alexander Nevermind" instead.

5. You're My Love/ Kenny Rogers
What? You thought the Purple One could only write for pop artists? Prince wrote this track for the country icon under the name "Joey Coco," a fact that is almost as awesome as the song itself.

6. U/ Paula Abdul
Prince wrote this track for Paula Abdul, and the song was featured on her album Spellbound. The song was also produced at his Paisley Park studios.

7. Jungle Love/ The Time
The Time play an integral part in Prince's iconic rock film, Purple Rain, and he's written many songs for the group. "Jungle Love" is one of The Time's biggest hits, and you can bet Jay & Silent Bob are pouring one out for Prince today.

8. Stand Back/Stevie Nicks
Apparently Stevie was inspired to write this song after hearing "Little Red Corvette." She needed help finishing it, so she hit up Prince for help. He was basically like, K BB B THERE IN A MIN, and helped Stevie finish the song THAT NIGHT. The rest is history.

9. Sugar Walls/ Sheena Easton
Listen to the lyrics to this song, and it's all but obvious that Prince wrote it. The dance track is heavy on the innuendo and features an irresistible beat.

10. Waiting Room/ No Doubt
Prince helped write this track for No Doubt; you'll find it on their album Rock Steady.